Tour de Gap

The members of the Key City Amateur Radio Club provided communications for the Tour de Gap, Saturday July 23, 2022. This event helps the club members train for emergency events and helps keep the riders safe as they ride across the back roads of south Taylor county.

250 Riders rode 0n their choice of 3 routes, an 11 mile, a 50 Kilometer or a 100 Kilometer route.

Members of the club manned communication posts at check points and roved each course as safety drivers.

Steam-N-Wheels 2022

Members of the Key City Amateur Radio Club, provided communications support for the Steamin’ Wheels Bike Race and the Abilene Parks and Recreation Department, Saturday,  March 26th, 2022.

Bill Shaw, KJ5DX, Randy Robinson, N5JZH, David Andrews, WB5VIH







There was a large turn out of members.

Mike Roche, KF5ZQB

And a large turn out of riders.

About to Start





It was a fun day for all.


Steam-N- Wheels

The “Steam-N-Wheels” Bicycle Race will be held Saturday March 26th . We need volunteers to help with the race and to keep all participants safe along the route. One thing has changed! TXDot has started construction on the routes along FM600. Therefore, a change to the route has to be made. I have a meeting with Abilene Parks Division Wednesday and during the March Key City Amateur Radio Club meeting, I will advise those that wish to volunteer for the race on the new route.

It’s Meeting Time!

The February agenda will be exciting. I am going to appoint a committee to update our club constitution and by-laws. We also need to discuss the upcoming 2022 Field Day plus, if we have time, I would like to present a program about the National Traffic System (NTS) and how to properly fill out the ARRL Amateur Radiogram. Once again, the best way to grow our AWESOME club is to get everyone involved in some sort of activity. I hope to see all on the 14th of February at 7:00 pm at the next club meeting at the South Side Library at the Abilene Mall. 73,

David Andrews – WB5VIH