KCARC Friendship Award

The purpose of this award is to encourage friendly contact between radio amateurs (hams) and thereby  discover new friends through personal communication with others. 

  1. The KCARC Friendship Award is available to any KCARC member who submits log extract  that show two-way communications with 26 stations whose callsigns each of the 26 letters of  the alphabet in the suffix of their callsign. (For example: KA4UPA, N5JZH, WT5X) QSL cards  are not required. 
  2. Log extracts should indicate: the current date, callsign, name, location, and another fact about  the person contacted. (Other facts could include: age, other interests, family members who are  also hams, occupation, school(s) attended, etc.) 
  3. Contact may be made on any KCARC repeater. (146.760, 146.960, 444.250) 4. Contacts may be made from (or to) andy location, or any number or locations. 5. Special endorsements are: Triple Play (26 letters on each repeater, No duplicates) 6. Contacts must be made June 1, 2021 or after. 
  4. Application procedure. 
  5. Complete this application and submit at a club meeting 
  6. Submit a fee of $5.00 to the KCARC 

Download the forms here