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The Key City Amateur Radio Club (KCARC) is a local amateur radio (Ham) club composed of members primarily from Callahan, Jones, Nolan, and Taylor Counties serving Abilene, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Our club call sign is KC5OLO. KCARC is an Affiliated Club of Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) and supports many of the goals of ARRL.

KCARC highly recommends its members join ARRL to help support Amateur Radio. [Affiliation Date: Jan 19th 1977]

Amateur radio includes a wide spectrum of communications, including AM, FM, Single Sideband, Voice, CW (Morse Code), Digital packet, HF (shortwave) and radio teletype, satellite communications, radio direction finding, VHF and UHF repeater operation, and integrated internet and repeater operations.

KCARC is an amateur radio club dedicated to the furtherance of Amateur Radio, the enjoyment of the hobby by its members, the education of its members and the public in radio communication, and service to the community through communications support and other means. To accomplish this the club holds various meetings and events, participates in local, state and national events, holds educational activities, and provides Volunteer Examiner (VE) testing to facilitate licensing of interested and qualified applicants.

Primary activities include monthly Membership meetings, regular VE examination sessions, participation in the summer ARRL Field Day and other special events throughout the year. In all these events, the public is welcome to participate.

Many KCARC members are involved and directly supports the following emergency organizations: Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) SKYWARN

Interested in amateur radio (Ham)? ANSWER: Come join us! KCARC meets the 2nd Monday of the month [except December] at 7:00 pm (1900 hrs) at: Abilene Public Library, Mall of Abilene, 4310 Buffalo Gap Rd, Abilene, TX 79606

ONLINE SECURITY [https] Our Key City Amateur Radio Club (KCARC) https://keycityarc.org website uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate to protect data & credit card transactions. Note: SSL Certificates protect sensitive information by encrypting the data that is sent to us, then decrypting it once we received it.

To promote the exchange of information on a regular basis, the club hosts two weekly communications nets:(/p>

Key City Amateur Radio Club (KCARC) local Information Net is every Thursday at 2000 hrs. Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) local Emergency Net is every Tuesday at 2000 hrs.

2-meter (VHF) band
146.76 MHz repeater / -0.6 offset / 146.2 Hz tone
Abilene, Texas

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