Contratulations! 5 Licenses Upgraded

The Abilene VE Team wants to congratulate the following Hams on their upgrade to General at the Saturday, June 3rd VE session.
Steve Horning, N0VZ
Otis Purvis, KI5ZUN
Jay Slaughter, KI5SJZ
Rayn Woodard, W5FDM

VE Team Members at this session were
Nathan Howk,  AF5FJ
Ron Harden, Sr, KB5DSL
Tammy Harden, KB5NLP
Cody Brannon, KE5LGG
Bill Shaw, KJ5DX
Randy Robinson, N5JZH
Morris Chancey, WA5GIM
Ron “RJ” Harden, Jr, WT5X, Team Leader

Thanks to all who participated!
de RJ