FCC has changed its RF-exposure rules

RF-Exposure Rules

The FCC has changed its RF-exposure rules, eliminating service-specific exemptions from the need to do a routine RF-safety evaluation and replacing those exemptions with a formula that applies to all radio services. See the FAQ on the ARRL RF-Exposure page for more information. The rules did not change the exposure limits nor the two-tiered exposure environments for controlled and uncontrolled exposure. The controlled limits generally apply to amateurs and members of their household if those people have been given instructions by the amateur about RF safety. The uncontrolled limits apply in all other circumstances, such as exposure to the general public.

To use the RF Exposure Calculator, fill-in the form below with your operating power, antenna gain, and the operating frequency. Depending on how far above ground the RF source is located, you might want to consider ground reflections — and then click “Calculate”.

You may need to run the calculator multiple times to get a complete picture of your situation, i.e. take into account the antenna’s lobes and directionality.

ARRL RF Exposure Calculator