Happy New Year to all

Qualifying Run

2022 has to be better than last year, I hope!!!! I want to thank all that voted for me to become your new President of the club. Randy and I have hopes for a renewed interest in Ham Radio by all our members by getting the club involved with activities.
We want the club to grow and to grow the club we have to get folks interested in becoming ham operators, especially the young people. This hobby can be very rewarding. Personally, I’m involved in traffic handling – the old school way, via Morse Code! But that’s not for everyone. We, as a club, can build simple things such as a 1:1 balun or just a focal point for a simple dipole. How about a transmitter hunt during the club meeting. Someone with a QRP transmitter hides it under a chair or table and have club members find it!!!!

On January 31st at 6:00 pm at the south side library in the mall of Abilene I’m going to start another International Morse Code class. Everyone is welcome to attend!!! It will go for 45 minutes every Monday for approxiametly 11 weeks. I’m sure Randy has some ideas for the club as well as other members.

So let’s start out the new year with great expectations on growing our club and having fun. Fun is the main theme for sure. Our first club meeting is January 10th at 7:00 pm at the conference room at the south side library in the mall of Abilene. I hope to see you there!!!