Field Day 2024

Field Day 2024

Field Day is just about 3 months away, and now is the time for your club to plan for the event. Many of the details of this event should not be left to the last minute. With hopes of pointing clubs in the right direction, here are a few tips that may help.


1. Plan your location with a few questions in mind.

a. Will you have public traffic around your site, and are the antennas you will be using mindful of safety?

b. Is your site on property that requires supplying an insurance certificate to the owners? Many public sites require this.

c. Are you planning to create signs telling the public what you are doing and inviting them to learn more?

d. Does the site have adequate parking and access? Remember, Field Day is a 24-hour operation. You don’t want to get locked in or out of your location, especially once it’s dark.

e. Have you reviewed the safety requirements for fueling and grounding your generator? Noise may be an issue if you are on a public site.

f. How do you plan to keep the site clean and uncluttered for pictures?

2. Contact the local media to invite them to your site.

a. Local newspapers

b. Local television networks

c. Plan to have someone that can serve as a guide, answer questions, and direct pictures.

3. Operator planning is essential. Create a schedule of operators.

a. Think about whether you will operate for the full 24 hours or not.

b. Invite new hams to learn by logging and operating.

c. Don’t forget to think about having relief operators.

4. Consider contacting your local served agencies to demonstrate the capabilities of hams in an emergency.

a. Local emergency management

b. American Red Cross

c. Local police, fire, and ambulance companies

d. Other local agencies that may be involved with shelter management

Field Day is what you want to make of it. Treat it like a contest and see how many contacts you can make, make it an emergency drill, use it for outreach to the public, or make it a social event for your club and include having fun on the radio. Field Day is all about having fun and showcasing the different aspects of amateur radio. Make your Field Day an event that the club will learn from, and, most importantly, have fun!

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